Product view

Saidhem values honesty and is always keen to educate our clients by showing every nook and cranny of the product inquired and excellent business cooperation.

At Saidhem, we request information concerning the appearance, technical, and mechanical figures of a product that help us work on quality assurance via our clients.

How we present the product to our clients?

We provide our clients with specific product information such as size, colour, price, standard, certificate, and other relevant details to ensure that all specifications are according to the inquiry.

For example:




At Saidhem, we prefer E-catalogues to make the product view accessible to our clients rather than product online websites and traditional paper catalogue. The reason is that we focus on clarity for our clients.

Find out the benefits of using E-catalogue to satisfy your inquiry:

  • electronic catalogue allows us to perform regular updates efficiently for new products
  • more convenient to show accurate product data to clients
  • update can quickly make available, which can lead to additional market opportunities
  • easily accessible to administrative levels that can drive more sales
  • allow buyers to perform more efficient inquiry by providing relevant and precise information
  • convenient to transfer by email or link.

Our aim

  • increase client satisfaction with more accuracies
  • greater consistency in buying processes
  • reduce internal administrative cost (paper, printing, and mailing)

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