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The tools market is expanding due to demand in restructure, and infrastructure increased in some economies.
Most hospitals and medical centres are adjusting their premises to contain more casualties and treatment areas during the pandemic, resulting in more employment rates in the restructuring of the building.
Another side is that citizens are finding their outdoor entertainment replaced by bricolage at home and investing more time to create more space to fit the all-in-home lifestyle.

Saidhem classifies the tool industry in two categories; hand tools and electric-powered tools.
We find a great demand in handtool and electric tools since the beginning of 2021, where many buyers opt for branded products rather than market selling products that do not comply with standards.

Handtool products that we supply to
• Manufacturing sectors
• Logistics enterprises
• Distributors
• Contractors
• Supermarkets
• Hardware shops
• Agent/exporters

Hand tool products

• Pliers
• Wrench
• Pruning shear
• Hammers
• Shovel
• Hoe
• Wooden handle
• Rakes
• Gardening tools
• Auto-repair tool kits
• Tools cabinet and storage
• Hacksaw
• Carpenter tools
• Measuring and marking tools
• Cutting, grinding and polishing disc
• Pneumatic tools
• Compressors
• Spanners
• Construction tools
• Working tables
• Unquoted products

Electric and battery-operated tools

• Angle grinder
• Drilling machine
• Cutting machine
• Polishing machine
• Blowers
• Compressors
• Pumps
• Extractors
• Aspirators
• Chain saw tools
• Paving tools
• Unquoted tools


You name it, and we will supply the same as you requested.

We supply quality tools only with after-sales support.

Suppose you need non-qualified products; our peers do good in it.

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