Saidhem, as a B2B supplier, export 95% of orders to various destination ports placed by the clients through the ocean and sea freight as the most common modes of transportation for high volume goods due to their cost-effectiveness. We help clients get the lowest price practice by carriers due to our 16years of expertise in logistics management.

The fact that Saidhem is a B2B supplier for hundreds of clients worldwide, most of our shipments base on Ocean Freight transportation by shipping containers or RORO(roll-on/roll-off). Ocean freight is the most common transportation for importers and exporters, covering roughly about 90% of the commodities we use in our living environment.

The most important benefits of using ocean freight are as follows:

  1. The loading capacity compared to other modes of transport
  1. We have fewer restrictions, such as international and national laws that control dangerous products classified as Hazardous materials.
  1. All of us are conscious of our future; protect our air by lowering CO2 emissions is part and parcel of our faith.

Some businesses find the downsides of ocean freight more painful when it comes to speed and reliability.

The speed of ocean liners compared to airplanes is rabbit and turtle competition. Still, we may consider arranging your orders earlier to catch up on any delays to fulfil your demand and supply because ocean freight can raise your profit margin higher by cost-effectiveness.

While reliability on ocean freight poses delays caused by port congestions, customs clearance delays, weathering, and tracking updates, ocean freight is slowly becoming the preferred transportation method.

Ocean freight services provide two types of loading:

  • LCL ( Less Than Container Load)
  • FCL ( Full Container Load)

LCL load allows several shipments to loading into one container destined to the same discharge port, creating more work for forwarders involving extra paperwork, consolidation, and warehousing, making LCL more costly per cubic meter. The same applies to the unloading port, which results in a delay of 1-2weeks compare to a full container load.

FCL benefits client imports by getting lower shipping rates and reducing the cost of consolidation and warehousing facilities. Saidhem deals with the factory to absorb loading equipment charges to their side, which benefit our client’s cost-sheet. FCL allows shipment quicker as paperwork and customs clearance make processes more fluid.

We learn more together through our client’s questions.

Our 16 years experienced logistic manager will be happy to hear your questions because we like our clients to clarify their ideas before indulging in business. Visit Our Blog and learn more about business

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