Industrial Evolution

Applying more innovative ideas to business will serve us well during the transit to the new industrial order where there is an increased demand for product personalization and customization. Stepping forward for more intelligent manufacturing will help us to reduce costs and build efficiencies to serve our happy customers.

Saidhem supports manufacturing and supply-chain companies in their efforts to sustainability and growth by providing customized solutions to our clients – since, at Saidhem, we do not believe in one size that fits all.

Is there enough room to create a successful business in this new era?

A big YES. Everything is changing; it never meant that consumption would decrease. Purchasing power is an ever-growing figure since industrialization.

Making great things in a changing economy is filled with opportunities, surely we need to make fundamental adjustments to fit the demands.

The shifting in consumer demand brings many changes in the ecosystem of production and distribution. The emergence of smart products propels manufacturing to explore new avenues in creating or adding values to traditional products.

The transformation of industries.

Is your business ready for the new industrial order?

The industrial transformation creates a historic shift in industry footprints at high speed in the next ten years, which will pressure the traditional industry.

In manufacturing and distribution, time factors are becoming the most crucial business role due to competition; manufacturers face increasing pressure to focus on many roles, such as selling or distribution, affecting a significant restructuring of their production line and sale channel.

Saidhem cooperates with innovative manufacturers to pull down the manufacturer’s barriers and the market by acting as the factory’s direct supplier to business supply.

How does Saidhem guide the clients to adapt to evolution?

The wave effects of Covid-19 continue to impact our lifestyle, touching at all corners of work, learning, live and travel, despite the fact that companies worldwide persist in finding new ways to maintain their operations ongoing.

Most business travel halts; businesses re-invent the wheel by finding new ways to coordinate and cooperate with consumers and suppliers. Saidhem stays firm in the chain of cooperation by smoothly bridging the demand and supply chain and enabling proper communication to help clients worldwide buy their product from China. And at the same time tailor-made their product approach and appeal before going to market, as we believe in “Let the product talk about us.”

Fewer visits to brick and mortar, most buying is diverting to online, and a good product and presentation are becoming a must. Saidhem helps the clients figure these factors by implementing the Packaging that markets the product at first glance and assist customers with relevant information and images for online marketing purposes.

Saidhem keeps the client updated with new products weekly, which benefits businesses in promptly adjusting their product line.

We advise clients of the market pricing practice by manufacturers and alert clients about any future rise in raw material, which may benefit businesses by buying safety stock of their top-selling items.

Logistics is a cost that many businesses neglected at the pre-covid-19 moment, and now it is an essential part of importing and exporting. Saidhem digs deep between many logistics companies to find the right prices to assist our clients, save the extra cost, and create a higher profit margin for clients in their respective markets.

Visit our blog and learn more about new ideas on adapting your business in this new industrial order.


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