How to Buy Goods From China

Saidhem recognizes the process of sourcing as the first step in the supply chain. Finding the right supplier that provides th quality product at a price point may increase your margin. While at the same time, we look at stability, managing risk and cost management.

Product sourcing is an essential factor in buying from china, which leads to your business’s success by having the right product that satisfies all your requirements in terms of time, money, and quality. Go East, Entrepreneur! With our portfolio of 2300+ experienced manufacturers and suppliers in China mainland keen to grow and develop new trade cooperation worldwide, your business can discover great benefits of buying your product from china with Saidhem. Although the relative cost of manufacturing in china keeps rising in recent years and up to now, the cost-effective location for worldwide entrepreneurs remains the Chinese product. What makes product sourcing from Saidhem different from other sourcing providers?

Comparatively to many sites that offer sourcing services, Saidhem operates differently, as we are responsible for supplying products to clients from inquiry to delivery. And we assist with an extensive array of management ( supplier audit, standard, certificate, on-production inspection, logistic support, and after-sales follow-up and services) to bring the right product to your business.

Meanwhile, social media is not necessarily an ideal platform to identify the supplier’s capability in treating your orders. Most suppliers nowadays have a social media presence to make known the business to engage in their product. Therefore, be cautious when relying on such platforms and always remember to do your due diligence as many pieces of information provided are often unverified. (link to supplier audit)

How Saidhem carry out the process of product sourcing?

Saidhem classifies the process of souring products as the first step in supply chain management. We need to find the proper manufacturer that may provide you with the quality of product your market needs at a price level that creates your expected profit margin.

Here are some criteria that Saidhem considers while selecting a manufacturer or supplier.

  • Years of experience
  • Compliance with regulatory bodies
  • Production capability
  • Availability of a wide range of products
  • Promptness in delivery time
  • Financial stability
  • Liabilities
  • Customers feedback and reviews
  • Openness to price negotiation
  • After-sales support
  • Flexibility in adjustment in supply capacity
  • Acceptance of minimum order quantity
  • Brand exclusivity acceptance by zoning
    Securing your order.

Securing all parties in a trade negotiation is always the best way by proceeding through a contract with the manufacturer or supplier. Saidhem ensures all business cooperation via a contract which frequently revised by our staff during production to delivery. Most businesses feel it sufficient with an oral agreement, which in the aftermath can cause issues. With evidence of a contract trade agreement, Saidhem brings back the manufacturer or supplier to reason on the ground quickly as per discussed orders.


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