Market Analysis

Day-to-day businesses are growing like mushrooms, and the competition is becoming more fierce. Having a solid understanding of the market that you operate in is crucial. Saidhem market analysis helps collect data to understand the threats and opportunities and how customers may react to the product and ultimately guide them to leverage their brand product successfully.

Saidhem product market analysis examines the following points:

  • Market trends- we follow how the market is changing, and the most critical factors are influencing these changes.
  • Market size- we find out the market size for specific products inquire by our clients, and we guide them on whether the project is worthy of investment.
  • Competitive analysis is essential to know the product you will need to compete and decide how to make your product more cost-effective by keeping the product consistent.
  • Market growth- some products become obsolete with time; following the market growth, Saidhem can determine whether a particular product is likely to continue in the future.
  • Market profitability- various factors affect profitability, and each industry differs in margins. How demanding is your market? Will decide where the Profit lies. Saidhem stays with the client at any stage and finds out multiple ways to make the business profitable.
  • Distribution channels- how quickly can you flow out your inventory? Are you using a network distribution system or your distribution?
  • Key success factors- all businesses hold their success strategies as vital; we observe these factors through third-parties research publishings and market observation and analysis to improve the client’s plans.
  • Manufacturing cost structure- we work on the manufacturing zoning to search for the most cost-effective formula for helping clients cut costs on transportation and labor fee.

(Please note that SAIDHEM is strictly against forced child labour and modern slavery.)

How market analysis help our clients?

Market analysis educates us about the client’s competitive and consumer market and gives us data to solve unexpected situations by optimizing our control factors. Our primary targets are4P’s concept. Let’s glance at how th4P’s can clarify matters for your business:

  • ProductSaidhem keeps in touch with the market trends to improve the outcome for our clients.
  • Price- we study the market-driven prices and evaluating your market demands to ensure that the correct price product enters your market.
  • Place– looking at your market distribution channels and how you process to reach most wholesalers, distributors, supply-chain, and users.
  • Promotion businesses need to effectively use different marketing strategies to reach the demographic and geographic segments, considering other product lines and marketing scopes.

Where we often collecting data sources for market analysis?

Surveys– Saidhem rely still on traditional surveys as we know old is gold, sharing online sheet, telephone or ending our email with a simple question that can drive us to learn your business more. We often survey managers and employees to learn more about the product performance we are supplying, helping us improve for a continual supply.

One to one workshops– Saidhem like workshops, because we get chances to tailor-made our questions promptly and learn more about adjusting our services to fit your market remarkably. One to One workshops always bring the most relevant data that we expect to get about a business.

Research Firms– We use many research firm’s publicly available data and consultancy firms to source data to know more about how your market or a product is doing.

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