Supplier Audit

Buying the right product or buying the product rightly depends mainly on the manufacturing process. Saidhem’s supplier audit helps monitor the supplier’s systems to find whether the manufacturing is regulated according to standards to avoid the poor quality of a product.

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As a company’s supply chain grows high, product performance risk
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becomes a threat, mostly when changing to the new manufacturer or supplier.

Supplier audit is an essential factor in ensuring that suppliers consistently deliver the requested quality material or product according to norms. Put merely, supplier audits can identify, address, and prevent problems in a supplier’s production processes before the issues spread.

The three instances that most buyers are in doubt before engaging in order with manufacturers or suppliers:

  1. when you need to cooperate with a new supplier without enough performance information available.

 When your business starts cooperating with a new supplier, there is insufficient data such as liabilities, regulatory, ISO, quality management control certificate, and conformity with the law and capital shares. In this case, the supplier automatically falls into a high-risk category that requires a supplier audit before proceeding, which can help evaluate risk in terms of quality, delivery or after-sales services, and other performance deemed to complete the process.

  1. When your previous order was not compliant, and you want to make the supplier improve the efficiency.

 Some suppliers perform well; still, there are grounds where they are not efficient, and clients want to help them improve by keeping the cooperation.

For example, a manufacturer produces bottled juice, and the issue is that the cap is too tight that it creates a problem for older adults and kids to open bottle for their consumption. In this case, the client may request some design changes to improve the cap’s quality or design by keeping all others the same. A supplier audit is vital to see if the supplier’s resources are available to make these changes. Saidhem will work on these changes and monitor that implementation is carried on by making  Sample inspection ( link to product inspection)and during production check-ups until delivery time.

  1. When a supplier is essential for your organization, primarily for supply chain businesses where reliability is inevitable

Supply chain businesses may experience issues via a vital supplier for certain products due to quality, patent rights, or trademarks. Even though the supplier performs well, Saidhem continuously monitors the regulatory systems and processes through a supplier’s audit to avoid the high-risk zone in the course of cooperation.

What Saidhem assess during a supplier audit?

. the legal entity of the supplier

Whether the supplier has legal rights and responsibilities, including tax filings and any liabilities lies therein, may the supplier enter into contracts as a seller and sue or be sued in a court of law.

. historical performance of the supplier

whether there are issues with product quality, management of delivery, production capacity, raw material assessment, and financial responsibilities.

. testing and inspection (link to testing and certificate)capabilities

Whether the supplier equips with appropriate testing instruments and the reliable results can be shared with clients

. compliance monitoring

whether the supplier adheres to the legal requirements for Manufacturing Practices, inspections, and enforcement by ensuring public health protection and legal authority.

 Our primary point in supplier audit is to bring improvement by working on a risk-based approach while focusing on the benefit of our clients.

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