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Stationery gets the biggest shakes not from pandemic Covid-19; instead, the blows felt since the entrance of the IT-related products like computers, smartphones, tablets and book readers.
However, the geniuses of the stationery industry find solutions for their rivals by adjusting their product lines to keep their businesses ongoing.

Some of the adjustments brought by the stationery industry that consumers appreciate;

• Moving the traditional stationery paper and pen as gifts and luxury items
• Offering stylish and unique designs
• Customization and personalization products
• Turning postcard to more emotional touch
• Going more deeper in search of developing markets where IT solutions are still on the way
• Manufacturers and traders invest in the concept of product selling rather than just supplying the goods
• Diversifying their product line to supply computerized accessories like mousepads, mouse, printing papers, printers ink, and labels

Also, the environmental awareness of the population gets them on a new track of creating green stationery products, which make their products more cost-effective by adopting recycled systems for papers, pens that are becoming popular. Thanks to advanced manufacturing technologies.

Saidhem supplying stationery products to;
• Supermarkets
• Hypermarkets
• Commercial stores
• Convenience Stores
• Online e-commerce
• Distributors


• School stationery
( Pen, Pencil, Notebooks, Copybooks, Eraser, Sharpener, Crayon, water-colours, Drawing pads, drawing frame, ruler, corrector, compass kits, glues, colour pen sets, electronic graphic drawing pads, school bags)

• Office Stationery
(printing paper, printer ink, printers, mousepads, mouse, keyboards, draw, digital electronic signature, pen, pencil, drawing accessories, projectors, screen for projectors, promotional gift items, callipers and measuring gauge instruments, testing and monitoring equipment, diary and notebook, calendar, planners, filing box, office bags, clippers, stickers, memos)

Other fancies;
• Personal diaries
• Eco-friendly stationery gift set
• Pen holders
• Pencil bags
• Bags

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