Copper Material

Copper plays a vital role in our daily usages, such as contributions to the food supply, infrastructure, CO2 reduction, and sustainable development.

Copper and Copper Alloy materials are present in building construction, power generating and transmission, electronic products, and industrial machinery and vehicles.

We are easily getting in touch with this material every day through; Electronics, Copper Coinage, Household commodities, Renewable energy components and practically during the Covid-19 pandemic; it is used widely in Advanced Medical Technologies due to its anti-microbial properties.

Want to start a copper supply business? Saidhem has solutions that can fit in the copper business.

What we can supply to your business for copper and copper alloy material;

•  Copper sheet
•  Copper bar
•  Copperplate
•  Copper pipe
•  Copper coated welding wire
•  Electrode copper material
•  Scrap copper wire
•  Copper winding wire
•  Copper earth-rod
•  Copper bus bars

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