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How Saidhem’s expertise ease complex product categories and markets by using a variety of methodologies?

The highly competitive market compels businesses to minimize the time needed to concentrate on details while purchasing products from china. And it is crucial when dealing with multi-parts products which aim for various applications and countries.

Saidhem has been managing export from china to multiple destination ports for many years, covering Asian, Middle-east, South-American, and African markets by providing reliable data from manufacturers and market trends to our clients.

We offer our clients product and service advice on the first step of product inquiry made to our company by collecting information as follows:

Product’s specification

What is the product’s specification?

Product specification provides a brief description and statement of the product plan’s requirements to purchase by noting the capability, performance, and application. The product includes small and large commodities, supplies, goods, equipment, raw materials, constructions, or services covering the product.

Some of the brief details we inquire from clients that are on our Product specification sheet (PSS) as follows:

  • Product name
  • Application of Product
  • material
  • Dimensions ( Thickness, Length, Width, Height, Weight)
  • Physical appearance (colour, Shape, water-resistant, surface treatment)
  • Compliance Standards / Certificates
  • Tolerance levels
  • performance via extreme temperature, humidity

Order Quantity

How to best figure out ordering quantity and ordering frequency?

Ordering quantities are always the focus of wholesalers, supply chain, contractors planning, as they directly impact businesses due to the following reasons:

  • Shortage of goods( When demand exceeds supply)
  • Low cash flow
  • Surplus of goods ( when supply exceeds demand)
  • Logistic delay
  • Production time
  • Market price variation
  • Other indirect potential occurrences

At Saidhem, we make it simple for clients to find the best solution that suits their businesses.

Find below some of the ordering methods that we advise clients to consider while working on the order quantity:

Economic Order Quantity

The economic order quantity (EOQ) refers to the ideal order quantity your company may purchase to minimize the inventory costs such as holding costs( warehouse, maintenance), shortage costs( when demand exceeds supply), and order costs (logistics, price variation).

Simply put, the economic order quantity (EOQ) seeks to ensure that the right amount of inventory is ordered per commodity so that the company does not have to make orders frequently and at the same time not facing an excess of stock on warehouse shelves.

Minimum Order Quantity

In the world of commerce, product stock is always the most significant asset a business typically holds. Companies want to have enough inventory to meet demand and not so much that they can not sell through it.

Minimum order quantity is the fewest amount of product required to purchase at one time. The manufacturer runs its production line base on MOQ to be more cost-effective.

For example, the MOQ of a model of shoe is 1000 pairs. The manufacturer finds out that on 1000 pairs, he can control the followings:

  • Labour fee
  • Production running charges
  • Raw material cost
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Export Customs tax and charges
  • Profit

Ordering on MOQ is beneficial for both parties. It makes the product more cost-effective and gives the manufacturer enough space to cover all expenses by keeping the product stable.
What is the safety stock?

Safety stock is an extra quantity of product that is ordered and stored in the warehouse.

Most of our clients nowadays adopt safety stock to help eliminate the hassle of running out of stock.

See how safety stock can be advantageous to your enterprise:

  • Customers will not turn away because of depleted inventory levels
  • No pushing on the production line to deliver goods quickly
  • Safety stock covers your sales until your next batch of ordered goods arrives
  • Protects you against sudden demand surges, festive and seasonal, and inaccurate market forecasts.
  • Prevention against unpredicted market price fluctuations.

Technical product Information

Why we need technical product information for your order?

At Saidhem, we trust that engaging with engineering on an appropriate level can yield better, faster, and more innovative outcomes to solve customers’ needs.

By learning how your product expects to meet your market, we must have the technical proficiency to work on it.

Find out why we need technical product information:

  •  to uncover and understand users need
  • to ensure the understanding by our developers, engineers, quality surveyors, and production operation teams about product requirements
  • keep our clients informed of how to use the product
  • answer incoming questions about the product capabilities that can shoulder your sale teams
  • facilitate proper creation and maintenance of the product
  • helping us to conduct capability analysis regularly

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