Follow Up

Saidhem performs follow-up management for your order from the confirmation to delivery port and after-sales support to ensure all procedures run smoothly. Including in our follow-up; production, safe payment, export documentation, tracking, regulatory permit and any other relevant information.

Most business executives face a tight timeframe to indulge in the follow-up of their orders and import procedures. Saidhem fills the gap by implementing a road map for each order and keeping relevant information available for clients at any time requested.


Communication is part and parcel of achieving the business strategy’s goals. While internal and external communication plays a significant role in reaching the expecting outcomes.

What may a good communication strategy bring to our company?

  • Promoting awareness
  • Promoting understanding
  • Promoting action



In the change of business world era, knowing the right moment to invest your money is crucial. Saidhem guides the clients through crisis management and risk management by sharing and discussing data-based driven dialogues to make sense of the current situation and alert clients to make their due diligence, resulting in the growth of their business. At Saidhem, we are looking at client companies like our own. Success and failure of clients result in our business. We trust that making clients climb the ladder is the business of the Saidhem team.


Business people are great problem-solvers. However, Saidhem focuses on bringing solutions to problems in the ecosystem of buying from china by promptly mastering some disciplines.

Our primary analysis of circling problems as follows.

  • Saidhem defines the problem clearly before jumping to the first solution appear
  • We pursue alternate paths and find opportunities that usually come together with problems
  • We twist and turn problems in all angles to find the causes and effects
  • We elaborate multiple solutions before actions
  • We clarify all decisions with related parties
  • We assign and monitor responsibilities

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence keeps the entrepreneurs knowing the forces shaping the markets and understanding the steps need to stay ahead of their peers.

Saidhem collects, integrates, applies, practices, and presents information that supports the growth of the companies.


Saidhem keeps a high standard level of responsiveness to the clients in delivering a good clientele service for the satisfaction of our loyalties.

In case of an incident, we analyze factors at 4 phases by keeping communication with clients.

  • Initial response
  • Investigation & Diagnosis
  • Resolution & Recovery phase
  • Restoration to normality


Each business has its way of describing effectiveness. Saidhem adheres to the team concepts, feedback, and information we collect from the client’s behaviour and market help us map out the business’s journey. Resulting in saving clients time and keeping them engage in their market demands.


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