Packaging and Design

Let your product talk for you! Packaging and design work together with a concept that needs to attract customers to your brand and product. Your packaging shall be the first salesperson for your company and create an experience that enhances your product. Saidhem designers work hard to learn your market demographic to find answers to design according to the touchpoint of your customers.

Often say that first impressions are essential, so let’s add some more words to learn that Packaging on a product matters much for consumers.

Many times, we stop to check a product because of the Packaging’s design. Ultimately, it clicks our subconscious and influences our buying decision.

Let’s learn how good design and packaging function.

The main functions of design and Packaging

A great design and Packaging tell the history of the product. Where shapes, graphics, colours, product specifications, and details help the supply chain keep the customers engaged by clarifying how the enclosed product may change their life for the better.

Saidhem emphasizes excellent design and Packaging for our clients. We look forward to helping our clients make a good branding strategy and value the product to yield a more profitable business.

Basically, at Saidhem, we look at the Packaging through the four rules that should be satisfied:

. Attractive; consumers get attracted to product firstly by Packaging, and to get this attention, we can  use good graphic design, colour schemes, and shape customization

. Technical data; the information such as mode of usage, ingredients, manufacturing and expiration dates, the do’s and don’ts, help customers to freely find their answers without the need to contact the assistance and render purchasing easier

. Differentiation; there are a thousand ways to make a product stand out to attract customers. One is by differentiating your product from similar ones or competitors through good design and Packaging.

. Preserving; try to imagine buying a set of glassware without Packaging! Packaging’s primary purpose is to protect and preserve a product until it reaches the customer’s hand in a good state, helping the vendor benefit from losing inventory as damaged goods.

Example of how we make design and Packaging for our clients:

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