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How important is it for the client to get the product inspect before shipment? During product inspection, Saidhem focuses on the appearance, construction, and primary function of your product which helps to identify quality defects in your product.

To have the best yield in business while buying from china, you need to ensure the highest quality for your product, and this brings you to find appropriate product inspections conduct on your order before shipment.

Critical reasons for product inspection.

  1. Reduce risks

A product inspection will reduce the risks of failed products from reaching your marketplace, avoid customer complaints about faulty products, and help you keep a clear brand name.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

A product inspection will ensure that you pay for correct products only as Saidhem keeps inspecting the policy before arranging the supplier’s balance payment. This principle will help you avoid high transport costs, product replacement costs, and disposal costs in your country.

  1. Maintaining quality

Since the supplier will know that the manufacturing processes are monitoring, the manufactory will maintain a proper product standard and reduce time delays.

What Saidhem examine during a product inspection?

. Quantity

Saidhem conducts quantity verification on all goods supplied to ensure that our client’s contractual quantities conform to avoid short shipment.

. Dimensional inspection

Dimensional inspection, also referred to as dimensional measurement, applies from complicated parts to extremely small parts with tight tolerances. We process by comparing a product at the sample stage to the final stage (after mass-production) before shipment.

Some of the values of the physical characteristics of the product that we record:

. Length, width, and height

. Flatness, roundness, bend corners, and other geometric values

.Thickness and uniformity

.Edge sharpness


.Surface treatment


.Angles and perpendicularity


Judging colour conformity during a product inspection is always not easy work. Saidhem sort out the best way of proceeding with the step that perfectly fits most of our clients by using a Pantone matching System.

Since colour is subjective and our inspector’s eye may start shifting after a long time exercising colour differences, we, therefore, classified our inspection into three commonly used Pantone codes:

.C: for coated surface product

.U: for uncoated surface product

.TCX: for Textile Cotton Extended Range

.TPX: for Textile Paper Extended Range


Saidhem controls the Weight of your product by weighing the product naked and with packages to confirm that they contain the proper level or the number of parts. Check weighing can determine whether or not the valid number of items is in a box, the correct number of packages is in cartons, and finally, the proper amount of cartons in the container.

.Logo and artwork

Inspecting Logo and artwork combines visual assessment and physical measurement by identifying evident and less apparent particulars in design to find errors if any exists. Usually, this kind of inspection always refers to comparing samples that the client submits before production. At this stage, we record necessary discrepancies that may have to show to the manufacturing and client either for replacement or improvement in the following order in case tolerance is acceptable by the client.

. Accessories  and assembly instructions

Saidhem inspects any product that requires detachable accessories such as cable, adaptor, button, bulb, and other parts. Some products necessitate assembly instruction which we usually check all spellings and step illustrations to avoid misapplication by users.


All of us know that users might rip off all Packaging from your product once they buy it. However, it does not mean that we may let down the idea of packing quality inspection, as your product will go through a challenging journey to reach your warehouse and what you planned for this journey to bring you a safe product to your customers.

Some factors that Saidhem check before loading your product to our warehouse:

  • Carton drop test

A carton drop test is the most basic test we can apply in any warehouse facilities for most packaging products. The test imitates the rough handling during the load and unloading of the goods during transportation.

  • Shipping marks and details on the carton

While improper and omitted labelling on Packaging can lead to significant logistics control and customs clearance issues, Saidhem ensures that all procedures carry out appropriately to avoid delays.

Find out the required particulars we emphasize during packaging inspection:

.shipping marks

.Product code

.Product name

.carton dimensions and weight

.Carton number within the same set of the item(e.g., 1of 10)

.Country of Origin of goods

.Destination country

.Warning labels with icons ( e.g. “this side up”, “hazardous goods”, “fragile goods”, “handle with care”)

.barcodes contrast and orientation

 We communicate all data recorded to the client, which helps them keep track of the product’s state before, during, and after shipment.

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