Steel Material

The steel industry is one of the core drivers of industrialization as it reacts according to various components like economic growth, geography, production, energy, and markets.
The primary role player of steel in our daily lives is due to the benefits that steel material bring;

• Durability and effectiveness
• Flexibility (responsiveness to design)
• Recyclability
• Low co2 emission (in sustainable society)
• Cost-effectiveness in the long run


The steel material contributes to an effective employment rate globally, giving opportunities to leverage a country’s lifestyle and economy.

Let’s take a look at Saidhem supplying steel material.
• Retail sectors (Hardware shops)
• Distributors
• Contractors
• Projects
• Procurements
• Manufacturing sectors

What product does Saidhem specialize in supply?

• Galvanised Iron sheet and coils
• Cold-rolled steel coil and plate
• Hot rolled steel coil and plate
• Strip steel
• Prepainted galvanized iron (PPGI)
• Galvalume Steel coil and sheet (GL)
• Prepainted Galvalume steel sheet and coil (PPGL)
• Wall clad steel products
• Embossed steel sheet and coils
• Coloured and patterns steel coil and sheet
• Square pipe galvanized
• Round tube galvanized
• U, T bars
• Rebars or deformed steel for construction
• Unquoted products

However, many businesses start to recover from the plunging steel industry of 2020 due to the pandemic; the main factor that is still embarrassing the steel industry is the freight and logistics supercharges that need to consider on our cost sheet.

Saidhem supply steel products with passion.

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