Consolidation Warehouse

Because the logistic cost is always a challenge for buyers when growing their business. Saidhem uses strategic warehouse management to work out ways to reduce the buyer’s cost-price of products and result in a good performance for the supply chain.

Let’s learn what a consolidation warehouse works and how it can benefit your business.

Saidhem contract warehouses in multiple ports in china, say 22+ ports of loading, with third-party storage facility where small shipments combine into large and more economical container load for a similar destination.

For example, you have orders in different areas in China; Saidhem arranges to make all the goods reach one warehouse, a more strategic location based on distance and Volume by inland trucking, which we manage in the warehouse facility loading for shipment.

Consolidation warehouse helps your business in boosting profitability by reducing costs as such:

  • You can ship multiple commodities in the same container, which save you money from logistic handling charges
  • Create more opportunities to diversify your items by doing trial order or sampling order to learn your market response for new product
  • Stabilize your supply and demand by having the inventory level ready for shipment
  • Reduce shipping costs, as consolidation warehouse can store your goods to wait for the completion of Volume to load container
  • Reduce many small shipments to one complete container load shipment
  • Lower risk of product damage, which results in a higher yield of revenue
  • Keeping the product in a good state improves customer satisfaction

All our warehouses are under camera surveillance which renders the warehouse services more secure. Our cooperate warehouses spend lots of time in regular planning and organizing to keep goods in a good state and record updated.

Want to know more about how Saidhem proceeds with your order?

Please contact our logistic management to get answers from 16years of experienced officers.

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