Safety Equipment

The growing infrastructure and constructions market globally pushes the market for safety equipment, focusing on personal protective equipment(PPE).

Security and safety at the workplace are the driving factors in the PPE sector due to increased awareness regarding industry fatalities and ensuring individuals’ safety.


As the primary producer of personal protective equipment (safety equipment), China invests largely in product and technology innovations to nurture safety and security at the workplace and create opportunities for boosting business in related products at domestic and international markets.

For a healthier and safer business strategy, Saidhem supplies products that comply with all norms and regulations required to meet the standardization of any project supply.
We assist with certificates from recognized testing and conformity institutions like SGS, Intertek, ISO, CE.

Do you need to customize the brand that fits all the safety equipment for your business with Saidhem?

• Hand protection
• Eye protection
• Fall protection
• Foot protection
• Hearing protection
• Monitoring equipment and instruments
• Head and face protection
• Protective clothing
• Respiratory protection
• Safety tools
• Safety storage
• Alarms & Warnings
• Workwear
• Fire protection equipment
• Extinguishers
• Medical supplies
• Emergency and first aid kits
• Traffic safety
• Sign & identification products
• Unquoted Products

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