Security Equipment

How safe? Is your business?

Globally, the security equipment is expected to witness significant growth owing to the increasing demand for enhanced security assisting with easy installation and wireless technology. Besides, reducing the cost of human-assisted security incurs a rise in investments by governmental and municipal bodies, and private firms may favour market growth.

The market demands for security equipment such as vaults, surveillance cameras, and biometric access devices in various industries boost equipment manufacturers to bring good innovative products and technologies to serve the great necessities.

Moreover, the pandemic changes how large enterprises deal with their security policy as now the world is facing an invisible intruder.

Major areas contributing to market growth include airports, retail stores, banks, seaports, railway stations, educational institutions, medical centres, hospitals, and other growing enterprises.

Saidhem supplies security equipment to various fields like;
• School
• Medical and hospital
• Warehousing
• Home domestics
• Hotel and villas
• Car showrooms
• Supermarkets
• Manufacturing plants
• Parking lots


Saidhem product portfolio for your business;
• CCTV camera
• Detectors and regulators
• Door access control equipment
• Intelligent safety gates
• Alarms and warnings
• Intelligent and traditional locks
• Metal detectors checking zone
• Overweight vehicles detectors
• Communication patrol security equipment
• Anti-riot suits and equipment
• X-rays luggage scanners
• Law enforcement equipment
• Emergency rescue service equipment
• Fire protection and extinguishers
• Fire brigade equipment
• School kindergarten equipment kits
• Unquoted products as per request

Details determine success or failure. Inquire now, and Saidhem is connected with many innovative ideas to make your security worth it.

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