Grow More With Less.

With mass production from China, the greenhouse is not expensive anymore for small businesses willing to grow a business in the agricultural sector.

Start with a small greenhouse, keeping costs low, and a small amount of seed investment.

Growing in a greenhouse is always a pleasure because your yield in a certain way guarantees if done rightly.

Saidhem can supply the complete from A-Z for your greenhouse project.

•  Greenhouse Heaters
•  Greenhouse Fans
•  Greenhouse Vents
•  Greenhouse Lighting & Fixtures
•  Seed-Starting Supplies, Pots, & Trays
•  Greenhouse Irrigation systems
•  Carts & Wagons
•  Augers
•  Greenhouse Covering
•  Hydroponic Systems
•  Greenhouse Shelving & Benching
•  Soil Testing
•  Greenhouse Thermometers
•  Transport & Display Racks
•  Greenhouse Doors
•  Greenhouse Flooring
•  Greenhouse Climate Control
•  Fertilizer Injectors & Accessories
•  Greenhouse Equipment Kits
•  Aluminum Extrusions
•  Gas CO2 Generators
•  Cross Connectors
•  Rainwater Drains and Gutters

Man preparing soil for seeding in the greenhouse area.

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