Sport & Leisure

The disruption caused in the sport and leisure activities shapes the industry differently by the intermittent lockdown of pandemic Covid-19.
The scope of sport and leisure changes into wellness and fitness (indoor), where we care more about health because of our lack of movement than sports and leisure (outdoor)gave us.

Most recreational activities face challenges in adjusting their businesses to the new order because the population is unwilling to accept the risk factors that the pandemic is exercising on our society.


What does Saidhem propose to stakeholders to adjusting and adapting to the new normal?

• The home gym is booming due to the increasing popularity of stay home stay safe lifestyles.

• High demand for bicycles is likely to be that cycling is becoming the most popular sport and leisure activity due to its solo trend of entertainment instead of accessing to public gymnasium or stadium

• Sea activities are growing because of the open air and distancing and resulting in a boost in water sport products
• Online e-commerce filled up with exercise and fitness workout products

The home gym is a room that needs to add to our lifestyle; gym room

In the rise of eventual all-in-home activities, manufacturers are redressing their technological and ecological development of new products to meet the demands.

Saidhem establish good formulas to make the sport and leisure activities safe and accessible;
• Working side by side with manufacturers to bring the right products
• Ensure to get the products to market as quickly as possible
• Development of safe and cost-effective raw materials and parts
• Comply with regulatory bodies to specific requirements such as certificates and other conformities

The product that Saidhem supplies to some markets.
• Aerobic step platform
• Bicycles
• Dumbbell and racks
• Adjustable bench
• Loop exercise bands
• Treadmills
• Resistance bands
• Kettlebell and racks
• Clubbell
• Bumper plate
• Squat rack
• Training tyres
• Weightlifting bench
• Yoga mat
• Stretching arms and legs
• Ab wheelset
• Stepper treadmills
• Inflatable water leisure
• Badmington
• Football and equipment
• Base-ball and equipment
• Volleyball and equipment
• Racing and jogging accessories
• Boxing equipment
• Quad bike and Atv’s
• Water activities equipment
• Unquoted products

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