Saidhem refers to packaging as the planning, designing, manufacturing, boxing, bottling, and wrapping for industrial and consumer uses.

Packaging is in excellent opportunity hand since the covid-19 strike.

Saidhem classified the packaging industry into three types.


• Bulk or industrial packaging
High growth demand for corrugated or delivery packaging by online e-commerce brings opportunities in the industrial packaging

• Consumer packaging
“ Your packaging is your first salesperson.”
The market is facing new brands and products every day. Packaging is among the first marketing tools to pull consumers closer.

• Health care Packing
“Öpportunities lies in the mind of the opportunist.”
Covid-19 gives rise to a high demand in health care packaging, which triggers the packaging industry to its peak.

The trends that will fuel the future of packaging.

• Economic & demographic growth
The boost-up growth of emerging markets and expansion of the global economic commodities is shaping the packaging industry.

• Sustainability
The environmental impact awareness and concern in the population are driving the packaging industry to find new solutions.

• Compliance
The regulatory governmental and municipal bodies in terms of CO2 emission bring manufacturing to exercise in new dimensional and adjust their product line packaging, resulting in new opportunities.

• Consumer trends
Online e-commerce gives rise to more demands in the retailing sectors, resulting in rapid supply and demand growth.

• Brand awareness
With millions of brands present globally, businesses are trying to make their first expression through their packaging

Saidhem supply and use the packaging for many product sectors and industrial supply.

• Paper board boxes
• Corrugated Boxes
• Plastic Boxes
• Rigid and chipboard packaging
• Polybags
• Foil sealed packaging
• Food grade packaging
• Bio-degradable packaging
• Gift box packaging
• Gift Box packaging
• Sugar cane Takeaways
• Cosmetic packing
• Medical packaging

Saidhem helps the clients to design their packaging.

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