Nowadays, bags are becoming more trendy not because of the fashion it holds. Instead, most of us are becoming more environmentally aware. Also, many countries ban or implement taxes on plastic bags. It is unavoidable to grab our past habits by carrying our bags and help alleviate the problem.

It is an opportunity to go deeper into the bag business as there are many ideas to express to the consumer’s world.

How Saidhem classified your order for bags?

Bags evolve these last decades enormously to bring consumers comfort, trendy, and ease of use from a tote bag to luggage. We research to find the solutions to build the best bag that creates your customer’s spending atmosphere.

Upholstery Fabric

Sometimes we find that the bag we are using is the same as our sofa fabric. That’s right; the bag can also be made from upholstery fabric, as it is a comfortable, robust, and heavyweight fabric that obeys the shape we want to twist and turn to make the beautiful upright structure bag.


Leather is one of the oldest materials used in bag making due to its durability and strength. Even though synthetics Polyutherance (PU) is in high demand because of the shift in consumer habits for non-animal-based leather, still leather made from animal skin remains the popular choice.

Usage of leather material in bag making: Backpacks, Clutch and handheld bags, Shoulder bags, Waist bags, Travel bags, Cross-body bags, Wallet & Purse


Canvas material is affordable because of the low manufacturing cost. Canvas bags are lightweight and become easily clean even of the light colours when blended with a layer of water-resistant material.

Back bags, Travel bags, and handbags are

popular products using canvas material for construction.

Nylon Material

Nylon material has been used widely in bag making, as most of us know. However, nylon for bag making classified into three types.

• Nylon packcloth- smooth and shiny material
• Ripstop nylon- lightweight and more durable
• Ballistic nylon- thick and easy clean, mainly

Denim Fabric

Denim, we wear it as trousers, jacket and also very trendy nowadays for bags. The fabric that was once old workwear is now a trendy style for the new generation. The more we wash, the more it becomes fashionable.

The main products with denim are backpacks and cross-body bags.


Old is Gold. The timeless material of bags still holds its value in the world of bags users. It exhibits the connection to nature. Straw reminds us of the grandma’s bread bag that today converts into multi-usage and carries along with the new era trend.

Tote bags and handbags are the real power of the straw material for bags.


Neoprene, even discovered in 1930, today the bags market uses this material as a hero for most young style products. Affordable, strong,water-resist, soft and lightweight, flexible and stretchy are the properties of this material.

All style bags because it is flexible.

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