Plumbing Pipe & Fittings

Thanks to the rapid increase of urbanization in the infrastructure developments that boost the pipe and fittings market in various industries like domestic, industrial, and chemical industries.

Market players are making colossal efforts in pipe and fittings by finding solutions in steel, copper, aluminium, plastic polymers, and amalgamate products to create more resistant products for a longer lifespan.

What brings together is a series of fittings that need to follow the pipe and make every new product developer hold their patented right based on their technologies.

Saidhem establishes a good relationship with the developers and manufacturing to market their products to various destinations.

Saidhem knows the proper cut for your business; due to expertise of 23years in pipe and fittings supplies covering residential, industrial, commercial, and projects, you can ensure your business is in the right hand.

What are we supplying in your product line?

• Pipes
( Pex-Al-Pex, Pe-Al Pex, PPR, CPVC, PVC, PE, PP, Galvanize steel pipe, Carbon steel pipe, HDPE, Corrugated pipe, Stainless steel pipes Flexible Epdm pipes)

• Valves
( Ball-valve, Angle valve, Gate valve, Stop valve, Water solenoid valve, Water pressure reducing valve, Non-returning Valve, Float valve)

• Taps
(Bib taps, Garden taps, Mixers, Coldwater taps)

• Hoses
( Flexible EPDM hose, Stainless steel braided hose, Garden Hose. Fire hose, Gas hose, Irrigation hose)

• Pipe fittings
(water-supply, drainage, project water supply linings, project water supply drainage)
• Unquoted products.

We can guide your business with the right product that fits your market because we know what it needs to make a successful business story.

Inquire Now and get ready to start your successful journey in pipe and fittings.

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