The awaiting opportunities are opening the door for stakeholders who want to start a business in renewable energy. The clean energy revolution is taking place at an unexpected rate. The industry is generating hundreds of billions in economic activities forecasted to grow more rapidly in the coming years, bringing considerable success for inventors, manufacturers, sellers, and service providers.

Have a look at the secure energy sources of the future that Saidhem help clients to procure;

Solar Energy

• Solar Photovoltaic technology
• Concentration Solar thermal power

Wind energy

Wind energy is a more efficient power source than solar panels because the turbines release less CO2 to the atmosphere and consume less energy, resulting in more energy production. However, engineers are working hard to make it more cost-effective because turbines still hold high maintenance compared to solar panels.

Everyone is thinking about making things run on solar or cheaper energy, and you? Maybe we can think about your project together?

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Canvas material is affordable because of the low manufacturing cost. Canvas bags are lightweight and become easily clean even of the light colours when blended with a layer of water-resistant material.

Back bags, Travel bags, and handbags are

popular products using canvas material for construction.