Home Appliance

The home appliance industry, which includes electrical or mechanical devices used in a household, is a multi-billion dollar industry with global retail sales of major and small appliances amounting to more than 420 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

COVID-19  disrupt the global supply chain of major home appliances and consumer electronics. China is the largest consumer and manufacturers of various home appliances and a primary supplier of parts for many countries in the appliance industry; it impacts the worldwide supply and demand due to shortage and forced shutdown of production plants.

However, the market is repairing at a slow pace with more opportunities in the home appliance resulting from the homestay and working from home. Most population is willing to adjust their lifestyle and simplify their routine with new technologies.

Saidhem finds the demand for home appliances increase from our former and new clients and extends.

Bags evolve these last decades enormously to bring consumers comfort, trendy, and ease of use from a tote bag to luggage. We research to find the solutions to build the best bag that creates your customer’s spending atmosphere.

•  Refrigerators
•  Freezers
•  Dishwashing machines
•  Oven
•  Airconditioners
•  Coffee and tea makers
•  Food processors and blenders
•  Grills and Toasters
•  Vacuum cleaners and aspirators
•  Other unquoted products.

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