Grow-your-own, that’s what are the trends nowadays. The gardening industry is experiencing a massive boom since the Covid-19 pandemic as most of the world population is forced to stay at home due to lockdown, and creating plenty of time for growers to stay in their garden.

Indirectly, the new living trends are creating many job opportunities such as landscaping, garden designing, garden maintenance and enhancing;  make these possible at a professional level, many toolings require.

Saidhem, help distributors, contractors, super-markets and e-commerce businesses to acquire the specific ideal products for gardening to sell in their respective enterprises.

Our gardening tools list and more.

• Pruning shears and scissors
• Gardening Hose
• Shovel, Trowel, Rake, Fork and Hoe
• Auger
• Bow saw
• Sprayers
• Sprinkles
• Compost Bin
• Gloves and face masks
• Lawn mowers
• Machette
• Pottings
• More unquoted products

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