Craft & Gift

In craft and gift (small commodity-goods markets), price is usually the only differentiator. However, new ideas and good presentation through packaging and branding can bring value to the products.

The image above is an illustration of a jar without a brand and description of the product.

A jar with a good description and brand creates more confidence in your consumers.

In the craft and gift industry, most of the products are by series, seasons, occasions.

The essential factor in this industry is that it follows the three A’s principle.

Just make sure that;

• The product is affordable
• The product is acceptable
• The product is available


In the craft and gift industry, you always need to have a safe stock for your product, primarily when the goods target a particular season or occasion.

To name some products that Saidhem supply to clients;

  • • Gift sets
    • Promotional and business gift items
    • Hats and caps
    • Christmas trees and lightings
    • Metal crafts products
    • Textile and handmade fabric products
    • Wooden crafts
    • Candles for a special occasion
    • Artificial flowers and pot
    • Festive and party supplies
    • Photo frames
    • Candle and incense holders
    • Key chain

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