The Covid-19 Pandemic advances the replacement of fresh food with canned and preserved foodstuff at alarming steps.

Why is canning our next choice after fresh food?

Nowadays, canning technology allows us to preserve food and protect its nutritional quality for long periods on shelves.

One of the advantages of canning foodstuffs is that the macronutrients such as proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates do not modify by sterilization by heat.

Most consumers find more safety in using canned foodstuff as the food preserved from outside contacts because most food manufacturing plants comply with their respective countries’ strict regulations.

Soybean Sauce from Natural bean.

What can Saidhem supply in the foodstuff product category?

• Soybean sauce
• Halal garlic sauce
• Snack crackers
• Tomato paste
• Frozen vegetables
• Frozen fish fillet
• Pastries
• Candies & Chocolates
• Biscuits and assorted
• Vinegar & Seasonings
• Dry noodles
• Cereal meal
• Grains & Seeds
• Preserved fruit
• Dry fruits
• Beans
• Dry fish and shrimps

We export only the foodstuff that complies with HACCP and Halal certificates.

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