Snack & Beverages

The behavioral facets of snacks are changing as consumers increasingly seek tasty, nutritional, and sustainable foods to power their lockdown lifestyles.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an inflated demand for snacks and beverages and expanding growth by providing many small players to find prospects in their concept.

The e-commerce convenience fuels the ready-to-eat snacks with various exotic and spicy tastes for the munchers while the home working is striking all doors.

Let’s tap on a quick view of what is facing the snacks and beverages industry and what solutions Saidhem proposes to clients to move forward with their ideas in investing or promoting their existing snacks and beverages business.

• Challenge
 Competition from existing brands and new entrants

• Solution
 Develop a strategy specific for your products, do not follow the others because product differences merit different marketing based on your strengths

• Challenge
Evolving consumers trends

• Solution
Closely monitor demand trends through social media and other focus groups to undermine the value proposition and prevailing habits of consumers

• Challenge
Product costs

• Solution
Work out your pricing strategy based firmly on the cost-effectiveness of your product by working with a reliable supplier (see Saidhem)

What may Saidhem supply to your business from China?

• Cookies
• Biscuit
• Potato chips
• Crisp rolls
• Salted beans snacks
• Candy bars
• Jelly
• Dried fruits
• Assorted crackers
• Peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds
• Sweet corns
• Popcorns
• Cheese flavoured crackers
• Roasted nuts
• Chewing gum
• Candies
• Spicy dry vegetables
• Soft drinks
• Flavoured juice
• Natural tropical juice
• Coconut milk
• Energy drinks
• Coffee & tea
• Herbal drinks
• Soda drinks
• Mineral water
• Aloe vera drinks
• Unquoted products


Saidhem target customers;
• Supermarkets
• Hypermarkets
• Convenience stores
• Online retail stores
• B2B suppliers and distributors

Welcome buyers to inquire about products in snacks and beverages.

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