Seafood Products

The increased consumption trend of seafood products like prepared, fresh, and frozen are expected to continue.

The pandemic hits the global catches from the wild fisheries, resulting in a decline of supply availability to domestics and the export market. However, aquaculture is responding to this shortage as it incurs fewer risk factors.


Since the covid-19, consumers divert their preferences to frozen, canned, and preserved seafood because of the possibilities of stocking food for future use with a more extended expiration date or shelf life.

Saidhem finds opportunities in supplying the seafood products to markets that realize the impact and diversion of consumers’ choice.

The product that Saidhem may supply to your business in the seafood supply chain sector.
• Dried fish
• Dried Shrimp
• Dried sea cucumber
• Dried Squid
• Frozen fish (tilapia)
• Frozen squid and shrimp
• Frozen oysters
• Scallops
• Mussels
• Octopus(dried and frozen)
• Crabs
• Lobsters
• Canned seafood
• Prepared and preserved seafood
• Unquoted Products

Convenience, lower risk of contamination, clean food and future consumption

Inquire now, and let's see how we can help your supply chain with more innovative ideas to participate in the transition of consumers preferences.

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The global polycarbonate sheets market is growing at an unexpected rate due to the various applications such as building & construction, transportation, and consumer electronics industries. Polycarbonate sheets favour many sectors due to their cost-effectiveness, bendability properties, aesthetic features, and safety.

Polycarbonate sheets or panels are lightweight and transparent materials with high impact strength, excellent elasticity, and high functionality at a wide range of temperatures and UV protective properties.
Some of the main applications of these sheets include general and safety replacement of glass for openings(window & Door), roofing, and protective screening in automotive and appliances, medical and packaging industries.

The various applications of polycarbonate sheets and panels:

•  Architectural glazing
•  Sound barriers
•  Partitionings
•  Interior decorations
•  Barns and greenhouse
•  Roofing
•  Advertising signage


electronics markets with computers, laptops, and others to stabilize the market.

The major player for consumer electronics stays in the Asia regions where the manufacturing is relatively low compare to Europe and American countries.

Saidhem classifies the consumer electronics market inclusively of companies that run by producing, supplying, manufacturing, designing, and distributing electronic goods, equipment, accessories.