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The furniture industry post-Covid-19 changed substantially, where adjustments and adaptation are making their way to the next level of marketing. Today, our name card, store, and showroom are our website.

 The furniture industry has not stayed in a showroom; businesses worldwide are striking on the keyboards to bring their products online.

The furniture business is taking the height back due to a change in lifestyle with everything in-house. Our working at home, kids corners, recreation areas, and people opt to move to bigger houses, rendering higher demands of new furniture.

Carpenter is cutting MDF for the making of furniture.

Talking about furniture, the next word to follow is sustainability. Environment awareness is a subject that most consumers think about before purchasing furniture.

Nowadays, most of the furniture made of recycled wood. Some consumers still prefer wooden furniture and opting for sustainable woods such as acacia, bamboo, or reclaimed wood to reduce the environmental impact.

The many advantages of using MDF furniture are low cost, easy to transport and install, no special treatment need during use, easy to change the home design, and easy to shape  MDF into more designs than wood.

Saidhem can supply the whole furniture series of your home/office/commercial as requested.


• Residential furniture
• Office furniture
• Commercial furniture
• Courtroom
• Super-markets
• School furniture
• Counters
• Kitchen furniture
• Aluminium furniture
• Warehouse shelves and racks
• Unquoted


Saidhem can design, guide and know the suitable material for your country weather.

Are you a showroom or distributor that want to find the adjustments to boost up the revenue of your business? Saidhem will guide you to find the right recipe to drive your business back. Get in with a talk with us.

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