Hotel Equipment

Saidhem recognizes that hotel equipment, in other words, means safety and long last performance, which support many years of trouble-free work resulting in profitable investment and low service costs for you.


While at the same time, we focus on an efficient supply of products that meet international standards requirements.

Every penny counts when it concerns hospitality services as it matters about electricity, water supply bills, labour and maintenance cost.

Saidhem advises the clients about new upgrading products that may reduce these bills and benefit the enterprise from high expenditures. Our products aim at efficiency and functionality and create a cosy atmosphere that may reflect the hotel’s brand image standard.

Saidhem offers complete equipping for reliable, easy to control, install, operate and maintain that meet the quality and safety requirements.


•  Drying cabinets
•  Load washers
•  Ironers
•  Extractors
•  Airconditioners
•  Self-service elements
•  Furniture
•  Bathroom accessories
•  Bar equipment
•  Flooring and wall cladding
•  Lamps
•  Curtain and rods
•  Wallpapers
•  Gypsum board and Rosas
•  Bedding and accessories
•  Hairdryers
•  Instruction signs
•  Mini refrigerators
•  Safety box
•  Disposable toiletries
•  Mirrors
•  Hand dryers
•  Spa solutions and supplies
•  Janitorial supplies
•  Smoke detectors
•  Fire extinguishers
•  Sprinkler systems
•  CCTV cameras

Add Saidhem to your supplier list. We perform well in hotel equipment supplies. We make sure it reaches your idea and cost.

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