Health & Medical

The world faces one of the most significant challenges concerning the supply chain of health and medical equipment. However, factories start to find their way out in the production capacity to adjust the supply chain.

Many China factories set more production lines, automate their production, and employ more people to balance the world markets’ demand.

Saidhem is among the companies for exporting health and medical products during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are some product solutions that Saidhem can supply to your business that comply with certifications.
•  Steam Inhaler
•  Facial steamer
•  Supplement drinks and foods
•  Massagers
•  Hearing aid
•  Nebulizers
•  Face mask
•  Disposable machines
•  Janitorial equipment
•  Adult diapers
•  Hospital bed and equipment
•  Wheelchairs and Rehabilitation health medical equipment
•  Safety gloves
•  Medical uniforms
•  Ultrasound therapy devices
•  Surgical lamps
•  Oxygen-concentrator medical equipment
•  Emergency portable medical equipment
•  Gloves, sterilizers and ventilators
•  Thermometers

Get in touch with Saidhem and send us your inquiry list. Hand in hand, we can resolve the urgencies for medical equipment.

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