Kitchen Utensils

We hear rightly every day; China is the world’s leading producer and exporter of kitchenware.

The kitchen equipment market is primarily driven by the rising quality demands of the hospitality industry, advanced kitchen equipment, and increased purchasing power of the population.

The choices in power supply for the kitchen equipment as electric, gas and solar energy are influencing the market to new technology and cost-effective design. On the other hand, consumers’ health and hygiene awareness push the industry to innovate to meet the ever-growing demand.

Since Covid-19 cut down much employment, many people choose to divert their professions to small food junctions businesses and creating a rise in demand for kitchen equipment.

What is good to see is the high conversion of small physical stores into online e-commerce to make themselves appear to the consumers.

While the intermittent lockdown globally creates good family cooking and stay in, stay safe, ideas contribute more in the kitchen than ever.

Saidhem supply kitchen utensils as per client request and help client to build their brand with our free customization services and in-house R&D and designers.

We are supplying for food preparation, cooking, serving, storage, cleaning and organizing equipment.

• Chef’s knife
• Paring knife
• Knife sharpening/honing rod
• Bread knife
• Chopping/cutting board(s)
• Kitchen shears/scissors
• Vegetable peeler
• Garlic press
• Grater
• Kitchen scales
• Measuring jug
• Measuring spoons
• Measuring cups
• Mixing bowl
• Colander/pasta strainer
• Sieve
• Rolling pin
• Can opener
• Blender
• Serving Equipment

• Ladle
• Pasta fork
• Pizza cutter
• Corkscrew
• Bottle opener
• Cooking Equipment

• Frying pan/skillet
• Saucepans
• Ovenproof dish
• Roasting tin
• Baking sheet
• Stirring spoon
• Slotted spoon
• Spatula
• Tongs
• Masher
• Balloon whisk
• Oven gloves
• Potholders
• Food/meat thermometer
• Storage Equipment

• Plastic containers
• Plastic zipper bags
• Bread bin
• Other Equipment

• Plastic wrap/clingfilm
• Kitchen foil
• Baking parchment
• Tea towels
• Kitchen tool organizer

Why not create a brand new product line for your business? Saidhem helps you to make your dream comes true. Inquire Now and discuss your ideas.

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