Jeweler, Watch & Glasses

The jewelry industry, watches, and glasses industry was once a luxury and today is reachable to any class of society due to the cost-effectiveness production from China, making these high-end products affordable to most.

Amidst the disruption in many industries, the luxury market faces the most significant challenges, with lockdown impacting global jewelry trends, thousands of store closures, and the cancellation of trade shows and events. However, creativity keeps soaring in terms of how the market is adjusting to make up its way to reach consumers.

Investing in jewelry, watches, and glasses is never the idea that we should close in the drawer. It is the right time to re-structure and step forward and build what the millennials are waiting for.

It is a great time to re-invent the wheel by concentrating on the new consumer habits, their style of living, and learning more about their preferences and occasion that make them spend on luxurious products.
If we are still waiting for marriage, an engagement, or valentine’s day to sell our products, we can still think out of the box and create events or shared podiums online, making the new type of consumers participate.
Luxury is no more “La parure” or “The Necklace” of the 1884 short story. Today Luxury is much more than just an asset; it is instead a trend of living and sharing.
Saidhem may reach your expectations by supplying the right product for your business.

Product Material for your choice.

•  Platinum
•  Gold
•  Silver

•  Coloured Gemstone

Product categories

•  Necklace
•  Ring
•  Bracelet
•  Watches
•  Glasses
•  Anklet
•  Barette
•  Belt Buckle
•  Belly chain
•  Bindi
•  Brooch
•  Earrings
•  Hair rings
•  Crowns
•  Armlet
•  Body piercings
•  Toe rings
•  Shoe jewelry
•  Tie clips
•  Prayer beads
•  Rosary
•  Unquoted Product

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