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Wall claddings are becoming popular in many countries because the materials used possess various advantages. Wall cladding primarily acts as a protective or insulating layer and shields surfaces from moisture and other harmful external factors, and embellishes our environment with enhancing performances.
Wall cladding in interior decoration contributes to the quick structuring of residential, commercial, and industrial premises. It helps to reduce the task of grooving walls to make electrical, water-supply, or telecommunication which saves lots of money and time and keeping the building strong and safe by the insulating properties of wall clad materials.

What Saidhem supply for wall-clad materials?

Interior cladding

• PVC wall panel
• Aluminium composite panel
• Gypsum board
• Acoustic wood composite panel
• Wood planks
• MDF boards
• Polycarbonate sheet

Outdoor cladding

• Fibre cement tiles
• Aluminium composite panel
• Wall tiles
• Wood-plastic composite panel
• Aluminium sheet(embossed, plain, painted, perforated)
• Stainless steel sheet (embossed, plain, painted, perforated)
• Pre-painted Galvalume sheet
• Pre-painted galvanise sheet
• Marbles
• Granites
• Sandwich panel
• Bricks and stones
• Copper sheet

Manufacturers and developers are working hard to bring new technologies that can resist weathering and reduce high maintenance costs.

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