Restaurant Equipment

Year on year, the foodservice industry is experiencing tremendous changes and mostly amidst covid-19; however, the thing that remains common is the continual desire of both consumers to spend on food and operators to bring innovation in their concepts.

The restaurant equipment is undergoing a revolution bringing forward new products and developments for the ever-growing demands of the restaurants and commercial kitchens.

With the technological and ecological advancements, equipment manufacturers are carefully evolving their product line to meet the market demand in terms of time consumption for the business to operate and the space limitation of growing cloud kitchens.

With the re-opening of the global market after the general lockdown of beginning 2020, and the cut-down in employment, many stakeholders find opportunities in the foodservice sectors. Saidhem sees an increased demand for food preparation equipment and packaging for food.Hereunder are the products that we supply to the great demands.

• Snack machinery
   Popcorn maker, Donuts machine, Pancake maker, Crepe machine, Panini maker, waffle maker
• Ice cream, crusher machine
• Juice dispenser
• Coffee and tea maker
• Grill and barbecue machine
• Gas cookers
• Pressure fryers
• Electric and gas fryers
• Chips warmers
• Blenders

• Griddles
• Chafing dish
• Working table and cabinet
• Freezers and Ovens
• Gas/ electric and charcoal duck oven
• Commercial cookers
• Shawarma machine
• Warm and cold food display
• Steamers
• Gas and electric Rice cookers
• Bain Marie
• Washing sink
• Dishwashers
• Food containers
• Food packagings
• Table set
• Slicers and grinders
• Takeaways
• Uniforms
• Janitorial Equipements
• Cleaning chemicals
• Unquoted products

Saidhem makes the food services industry easy for you. Contact us, and we will guide you on the direct way to start your business.

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