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Under the Covid-19 outbreak, many brick-and-mortar, physical stores, or street corners sales go for closures or re-adjust their product line to fast-moving products like foodstuff and medical products. So where is the underwear selling these days?
The good news is that we are still wearing. Online commerce attracts all businesses to change their concept of selling underwear. If you type underwear on a shopping app, you will need some hours to find the right product for you because the choices are so vast that you get drown in the beauty of a multitude of designs.

Saidhem guides the clients to adjust and adapt to the new normal, and some are doing great already, and we can follow the same because of the frequent orders they place to Saidhem.

The strategies are simple; they only just need time and money to invest more.
• Create a great website
• Find a good and trusted supplier for your product
• Find a good camera or a camera operator on part-time or contract
• Get great pictures of your product
• Find a web designer on contract so that you do not embarrass your business expenditures
• Start to load your contents
• Use social media as your first salesperson
• Make sure your brand talk about your products
• A great brand merit a great marketing
• Find a focus group and introduce your product and make promotional prices to acquire more prospect
• Make users talk about you
• Exchange some gift items against a review
• Publish your reviews
• Keep adjusting new designs to your list
• Make sure you have great packaging and a fully detailed product size
• Invest in plus sizes underwear as the demand is excellent these days
• Keep various models for different choices
• Make sure you have the safe stock to avoid stock rupture
• Wait for a festival to make you go deeper into markets
• Create a story for your brand and enter the community with it
• Keep your business neat so that you may make occasional clearance sales
• Contact Saidhem, or subscribe to our newsletter and receive more ideas. We will help you to find the right recipe to cook the best business.

Our product portfolio

• Underwear men
• Underwear women
• Underwear girl
• Underwear boy
• Sexy thongs
• Lingeries
• Bra and brassiere

Send us your inquiry. We know to make good underwear.

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