Industrial Evolution

Applying more innovative ideas to business will serve us well during the transit to the new industrial order where there is an increased demand for product personalization and customization. Stepping forward for more intelligent manufacturing will help us to reduce costs and build efficiencies to serve our happy customers. Saidhem supports manufacturing and supply-chain companies […]

Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is among the most critical factors affecting our revenue and profit margins while selling products. Businesses use various pricing strategies when selling products to maximize profitability, make market entry, increasing market shares and face the cutting edge of similar competitive products. Among the long list of pricing management, Saidhem finds that three strategies […]

Market Analysis

Day-to-day businesses are growing like mushrooms, and the competition is becoming more fierce. Having a solid understanding of the market that you operate in is crucial. Saidhem market analysis helps collect data to understand the threats and opportunities and how customers may react to the product and ultimately guide them to leverage their brand product […]