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Saidhem trust a superior quote will lead to more opportunities for cooperation. Using market-driven prices generally considered a good idea to avoid setting high or low prices as our quotation reflects the quality of the product and the purchasing power of the consumption market.

Saidhem good ethics emphasize transparency about details because hidden parts of terms and conditions or technical data can lack trust. Our key point is to build a trusting relationship and establish the business as a pioneer.

What we make known to clients when requesting a quotation?

  • Our complete contact information
  • description of the product with technical details
  • price of the product in RMB/USD/Euro (any other appropriate currency as per client inquiry)
  • Transportation and or handling charges (if any)
  • Minimum order quantity per item
  • Incoterms of price quoted.

(Incoterms specifies the responsibility for paying and managing the shipment as such insurance, documentation, customs clearance, and other logistic activities incur)

Ex-factory, FOB, CNF, CIF TERMS

  • Terms of payment ( Mostly preferred by clients; Telegraphic transfer)
  • Validity time of quotation
  • Expected delivery time
  • Port of loading and discharge
  • Packing details ( export seaworthy, wooden packing, palleting, ODM packing)
  • Volume of goods
  • Weight of goods
  • any other customization that client may request when inquiring
  • clear images and videos relating to the product

Businesses must learn to achieve the cost advantage while buying from China.

  • Saidhem compasses all provinces and cities in China to locate their strong manufacturing points, which help us map the most advantageous transportation to truck goods to port and help achieve cost-efficiency.

For example, Business A has a product which comparable to business B in cost. Business A has a supplier who is closer to the port of loading; the result is that Business A saves the transportation cost by getting a lower quote for the similar product and showing a result of cost-effectiveness over business B, which we Saidhem consider as a cost advantage.

  • Procurement of raw materials plays a critical role in the manufacturing and affects the product price.

For example, Manufacturer A is a garment factory located about 300km from the fabric mill that provides raw material to Manufacturer A and compares it to Manufacturer B, 60km away from the same factory mill. Manufacturer B can provide its customers with a lower price of garments than Manufacturer A because it already benefits from cost advantage from the raw material.

 Benefits that client gets from a cost advantage strategy use by Saidhem.

  • Help business to maintain a better price of the market
  • Market penetration easiness
  • Higher volume sales
  • High profitability helps the company to be more innovative and develop new technologies to boost up the business.

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